K&C TREE SERVICE:  We have the opportunity to assist many of our customer,with our most experience trained men in tree service business at the best rate.

We are a team dedicated to provide the best of our tree service to all our costumers. Being honest and respectful to all, serving in utah since 2002 and have been in the tree service business for over 25 years. We provide our costumers with details on what's best for their trees. Letting them know step by step what should be done to improve the situation, and taking care of it with our most professional experienced men. 

We know that trees are very valuable. Trees increase in value from the time they are planted until they're mature. Trees are a wise investment of funds because, landscaped homes and comercial buildings are more valuable than nonlandscaped homes or noncomercial buildings. Proper care of trees increase the value of our real estate, the saving in energy cost and increase in property value, and directly benefiting the owners.

We guarantee our services. 

We are licensed and insured. Liability certificates are available upon request, certifacates are sended directly to the requester by our insurance agency.